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Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. International Coach Federation (ICF). The principles of coaching remain the same across all the fields, domains, industries and professions. Top Executives, Mid-level Executives, Professionals in an Organization, and Individuals can be coached to achieve their personal and professional goals and bring out the best performance and results.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching helps Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to clarify business goals and objectives, operating models, business processes, and helps to develop the skills required to create a successful business or an enterprise. Business owners can reinvent their operating models and business processes to enhance productivity, get a competitive advantage in the market and improve performance and efficiency Read More

Career Coaching

Career coaching can help an individual to find ideal career, no matter what stage of life, career coaching helps in job selection, job search, career advancement, skill development, promotion, interviews, resumes and portfolio building and to understand, envision, accelerate & accomplish their vision to unlock new potential and opportunities in career development. Read More

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching can help Executives and Founders to develop executive-leadership skills, to develop personal skills, to reach their full potential, and to align with business goals, vision and objectives in ever demanding world of business. Executive coaching is more focused on specific measurable outcomes,results which impact the entire organization and helps from personal success to leadership greatness. Read More

Life Coaching

Liveup2 offers professional life coaching for personal enablement and professional empowerment to reach personal and professional goals faster. Life coaching helps individuals to deal with day-to-day life events and issues, to create work-life balance, to achieve life goals, to create self worth, focus on relationships, sense of success, and happiness. Read More

How It Works

Frequently Ask Questions

Am I Coachable?

Coaching is a holistic approach and series of intentional deeper conversations to create self awareness, which empowers and enables a person or group to live up to their full potential, Top Management Executives, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Working Professionals, Individuals, anyone who is willing to achieve their life goals can be coached, please write to us for more customized coaching plan for you.

Why do I need Coaching?

Coaching helps Individuals and Organizations to find hidden strengths and inner potentials through self awareness and self realization. Coaching also helps to develop skills in asking powerful questions, listening, to tackle difficult issues at work or at home through effective techniques, to create work-life balance and to find inner peace and harmony to lead happier life.

What is STEP?

STEP stands for Self Evaluation and Transformation Program (TM); is a Liveup2 proprietary coaching program for Personal Development and Professional Development (Independent Development Program) which can be customized to 2-5 days workshop. It can be conducted for an Individual or a group or for an organization.

What kind of Coaching is right for me?

Well, there are many, like Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Success Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, Relationship Coaching and many more. It is purely based on Individual's goals or Organizations goals, Coaching can be customized, contact us for more details.

Why Liveup2?

Liveup2 can act as the complete one stop service provider. We have a pool of Coaches, Experts, Counsellors, Consultants and Advisors across the globe to help you identifying and building emotional well-being, self awareness, self realization, leadership, effective communication and management skills are highly critical to help you, your family and your business or organization to succeed, also it ensures and prepares an individual to face the complex challenges put forth in our day to day lives.

What are the benefits of Coaching?

Coaching helps top Management Executives, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Working Professionals, Individuals or anyone seeking greater purpose in life to achieve their personal and professional goals faster and to achieve higher level of success with self-awareness, self-confidence,to lead happier life in relationships, and to manage work-life balance. It can also help those willing to find their inner potential to achieve more in their lives and help others.

About us

Liveup2.com is a Bangalore based Marketplace Platform with a focus on new generation solutions in the space of Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Success Coaching and Relationship Coaching. We are a professionally managed company with a perfect blend of Professional Certified Coaches (ICF), Professional Counsellors, Industry Experts and Experienced Mentors, who provide timely and valuable services to our clients and business partners. Our success lies in amalgamation of life experiences, coaching and mentoring experiences, spirituality, holistic approach, domain knowledge and diverse functional experience essential to ensure future success of our clients.


Our endeavor is to help people to reach their full potential in their lives.


To be the best in whatever we do and to deliver highest quality service.


Provide clients specialized services at a fair and reasonable cost


We have a sound team of dedicated Certified Professional Coaches (ICF), Counsellors, consisting of quality Mentors and Experts with their own skills and experience Nationally and Internationally, all working towards the common goal. Our Professional Certified Coaches (ICF) come with the right mix of life experiences, domain expertise, analytical skills, problem solving, business and technical skills and the competence to lead and succeed. Our working process involves a consultative approach and we have more than 100 years of collective experience in various fields!

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